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  • La BucaVecchia Ristorante
  • Le erbe spontanee e commestibili
  • La BucaVecchia a Montepulciano
  • La BucaVecchia Ristorante
  • Le erbe spontanee e commestibili

La BucaVecchia

dedicated to searching, gathering and hosting

We search for the seeds of forgotten or trampled plants, we gather wild herbs to prepare dishes which are seldom to be found elsewhere and we welcome whoever wishes to share or learn something about plants, animals, genuine food and the vital importance they have in our lives.

We would like this place to attract anyone who loves Nature or whose profession is connected to it, inspiring in those who visit it an increased awareness of food and the land that produces it.

We consider a sustainable life style respecting the environment and a creative approach to be fundamental for a fulfilling life which cannot prescind from experimentation.

It is in this perspective that we experiment different agricultural methods and forms of interaction with the animal and vegetable world. We welcome artists and researchers inspired by nature offering them the opportunity to exhibit their work and present their publications.

the best

In our restaurant the menu follows not only a seasonality but also a micro-seasonality since the vegetative cycles of many herbaceous species are even shorter than a season.

The organic farm covers 40 hectares in the area between pienza and montepulciano and historically takes its name from the particular topography of the area a harmonious alternation of hills, valleys, gullies and meadows where the arable land alternates with olive groves and the forest with orchards.

Scopri le nostre specialità

Le erbe spontanee che raccogliamo e gli ortaggi che coltiviamo vengono proposti nelle ricette della tradizione popolare italiana ed in rivisitazioni creative; in piatti vegetariani con legumi e farine di nostra produzione o di produlione locale, assieme ai pecorini di pienza ed alla ricotta dell’azienda Fattoria Buca Nuova o in abbinamento ai salumi e alle carni che alleviamo allo stato brado.


  • Strada per Pienza, 38
    53045 Montepulciano (SI)
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