wild herbs


The bond between man and nature has always been the fundamental element of the farming world. Subsequent to the abandonment of the land and the collective loss of knowledge related to this culture, a part of present society is now going back to it in the attempt to recover a connection indispensable for diet self-determination. 

It is in this belief that we have decided to invest our resources in the gathering and growing of edible wild herbs through the recovery of the seeds of species in danger of extinction and the protected growth of the most sought after and used species in our culinary tradition. 

Responsible collection

Of the 20 hectares of arable certified organic land half of it is left uncultivated to allow these plants to thrive naturally. On these fields we carry out a daily responsible gathering (we pick only the leaves, leaving the roots intact) of the herbs that are used for our “wild mixed salad”, a high quality product.


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